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August 3, 2010  

Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman answer the following questions in this episode:

  • Would a company in an industry (such as the restaurant industry) that has high employee turnover benefit from nurturing leaders to improve employee engagement? Or is it just the nature of the job description that makes people not want to stay?

  • What are some specific ways to encourage managers to be inspirational, when they have worked for 20+ years being task-oriented?

  • What can be done to help leaders retain the awareness and passion to improve that they receive in a leadership development program?

  • What would you say to a naysayer who says that leaders can't learn to be inspiring?

  • In normal economic times, the task of motivating and inspiring staff (and clients/customers for that matter) is relatively straightforward but still a challenge. In these times, managers are at a loss to be inspiring leaders, so perhaps they need an even higher order of tips and techniques. It is as if the basics, well researched and presented by ZF, need another stage, phase, or layer to charge up and retain employees (and clients/customers) when there seems to be nothing but bad and worse news. What are some suggestions you have for getting people who are “down in the dumps” to see that there is hope for improvement?

  • I manage a group of leaders that have been with the company a long time and have settled for "good" not "great" performance. It has been difficult to get them to see the importance of "going for great" and re-discovering their "passion" is so important to employee engagement. What is the most important thing, as a coach, that I should focus on to get them revved up again?
  • We are almost 2 years into a merger of equals. We are building a new culture and building our Talent Development function and approach to creating leaders from scratch. What are the benefits of training people to become leaders, rather than just recruiting from outside the company? Can great leadership skills even be learned, or is it something we are born with?

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