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Jack Zenger and Scott Edinger discuss the article Doubling Your Strengths; Marshall Goldsmith & Psychologist Tommy Thomas, BusinessWeek.

Questions Discussed:

  1. How beneficial is “coaching” to an organization, really? If coaching is so effective and so many organizations do it, what kind of return on their investment are they seeing that helps them justify doing a coaching program that I’m not seeing? Further, how do they even measure the impact?
  2. My organization takes an interesting approach to developing their high-potential employees. We let them spend some one-on-one time with our CEO to work on solving an organizational problem. While that’s always a neat experience, we’re not really seeing a return on our investment. Do you think that we’re not identifying the right people or should we expand our CEO outreach program to be more than just a few hours with the head of the company?

1 Tip for Leaders at Full Strength: Jack and Scott each share one thing leaders can do today to increase their effectiveness to “full strength”.

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