Zenger Folkman Leadership Podcast Get answers to today’s toughest leadership and development problems from thought leaders Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman!

August 31, 2016  

Over the last few years a new competency has emerged. When we looked at the highest performing leaders, we discovered that a critical element of their effectiveness was their ability to execute with speed.

During this webinar, we will present Dr. Joe Folkman's keynote address from our 2016 Leadership Summit where he discussed:

  • Our data that shows that leaders who execute faster are significantly better leaders with more engaged employees and substantially higher productivity.
  • Ways organizations can become more agile when the leaders in the organization move too slow.
  • What it takes to help leaders improve their speed without becoming frantic.

Download the handout for "The Key to Organizational Agility—Leadership Speed"

August 17, 2016  

Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joseph Folkman recently conducted a podcast with Josh Bersin, founder and Principal at Bersin by Deloitte, one of the leading research organizations on the subject of talent management. We had a great response from people who downloaded that podcast, so we are continuing that conversation on the subject of bold leadership.


There is substantial agreement that the objectives for ideal leadership development include acquiring new skills and self-awareness, immediate implementation of these skills, and long-term sustainment of that behavior change.During this webinar, we will present Jack Zenger's keynote address from our 2016 Leadership Summit where he discussed: 

The several actions that some organizations undertake and how these combine to create long-lasting change.

Evidence of how many companies fail to practice the basic principle of herd immunity by involving only a handful of a large population, and the consequences that follow as a result.

Examples of new sustainment tools that have been developed and how they can be used to better fulfill the objectives of leadership development.