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Today’s broadcast comes from a recent webinar given by Dr. Joe Folkman and Joyce Palevitz. In this presentation, Joe and Joyce share key insights for creating a workplace where leaders are energized to take on difficult goals, create an atmosphere of continual improvement, and challenge standard approaches.

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Dr. Joe Folkman was working with a small group of leaders from a high tech company with more than 60,000 total employees. This group of 30 were considered to be some of the highest potential leaders in the company. In the time he spent with these individuals, it was clear they were a select and impressive group.

He measured their effectiveness as leaders using our Extraordinary Leader 360 assessment and found that although all were considered high potential, not all were extraordinary leaders. Sometimes potential ratings come from experience, knowledge and expertise as opposed to leadership skills.

He also gathered data from each person on 25 attitude questions and found that five of the attitude questions correlated strongly with overall leadership effectiveness. Leaders who strongly agreed with these particular attitudes also had higher overall leadership effectiveness scores. As he looked through the items, he came to the conclusion it was possible their attitudes on these items may have influenced their effectiveness as leaders.

In this podcast, he describe these five attitudes in detail and gives some ideas on how to develop in these areas.

Read the "5 Attitudes That Define Great Leaders" on Forbes.

January 13, 2016  

Mark Eaton, former National Basketball Association All-Star, joins Jack Zenger in this installment of theZenger Folkman Leadership Podcast series to discuss Mark’s four commitments of a winning team, basketball as it relates to teamwork, overcoming fatal flaws, and more. 

Mark played for the Utah Jazz for 12 years and was a two-time Defensive Player of the Year. Mark is a frequent speaker on the subject of teams and teamwork, teaching the skills honed during his professional sports career and later while leading successful business organizations. 
Legendary Jazz coach Frank Layden once remarked, “You can’t teach tall.” At 7 feet 4 inches tall, Mark learned how to utilize his greatest strengths. 
 You can visit Mark’s website at http://www.7ft4.com/

In today’s special bonus episode, we will present Kevin Wilde’s address, “Temptations of a High Potential,” recorded live from our 2015 Extraordinary Leadership Summit held in July. 

Kevin Wilde is the former Vice President of Organization Effectiveness and Chief Learning Officer at General Mills. He was responsible for world-wide people and organization growth, including talent management, executive development, and the leadership institute. Since he joined the company in 1998, the General Mills has been consistently recognized for its innovative development work, highlighted by Fortune’s top ranking as one of the best companies in the world at leadership development, as well as similar recognition by Chief Executive and Leadership Excellence magazines. In 2007, Chief Learning Officer magazine named Kevin CLO of the year. 
Kevin is passionate about leadership and talent development. “It has been my great fortune to pursue both throughout my professional career with General Mills and previously at General Electric. The experience of working side-by-side with some of the best leaders in the world while serving in roles in executive development and worldwide talent management is priceless.” 
Kevin is also highly involved in academic life, and serves as an Executive Leadership Fellow at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. There he helps design and teach leadership development and talent management in the Executive MBA, MBA and Executive Education departments. 
He is a columnist for Talent Management magazine and serves on the editorial board for a number of professional journals. His work has been published in over a dozen books, including Coaching for Leadership and The Pfieffer Annual on Leadership Development. He has been quoted about talent and leadership development by Fortune magazine, Business Week, the Financial Times, and Time magazine. 
Before joining General Mills, he spent 17 years at General Electric in a variety of human resources positions in the healthcare and capital divisions, as well as corporate assignments at GE’s renowned Crotonville management development center. While at GE he also held positions in manufacturing, marketing, and six sigma quality. 
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In this episode, Jack and Joe discuss how ordinary people can take leadership to another by developing boldness. They are joined by leadership expert Kevin Wilde. Kevin is the VP of Organization Effectiveness and Chief Learning Officer at General Mills, an Award-Winning Development Leader, and Columnist for Talent Management Magazine. 

Most organizations find themselves either in competitive battles or with mandates to reduce costs and increase productivity. Those mild mannered, steady eddy, timid leaders of the past need to step-up and become BOLD. 
We discovered that bold leaders exist in every company and every culture, but some cultures generate more bold leaders than others. Interestingly, there is a higher percentage of females that are bold leaders than males. 
We have found that the most effective bold leaders combine their bold approach with other skills such as good judgement and relationship building. Alternatively, leaders who are bold with poor judgement possess a very dangerous combination. 
Learn how leaders in your organization can:

  • Challenge standard approaches
  • Create an atmosphere of continual improvement
  • Do everything possible to achieve goals
  • Get others to go beyond what they originally thought possible
  • Are energized to take on challenging goals
  • Quickly recognize situations where change is needed
  • Have courage to make needed changes

Read Joe Folkman's Forbes article on Bold Leadership

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