Zenger Folkman Leadership Podcast Get answers to today’s toughest leadership and development problems from thought leaders Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman!

Most of us intuitively know that leadership affects the bottom line. Through our Extraordinary Leader research we have discovered what it takes to develop extraordinary leaders and confirmed that it is possible to measure leadership in dollars. In simple terms, good leaders create more economic value than poor leaders and extraordinary leaders create far more value than good ones. 

Please join Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joe Folkman to learn the answers to the following questions: 
• How does leadership drive profit? 
• How do organizations and leaders significantly increase profit opportunity? 
• What issues can leaders impact that will most effectively drive profit? 

You will also learn about these business outcomes, how they combine to create an overall profit result, and how leadership impacts each one: 
• Retention 
• Engagement 
• Recruitment 
• Customer Satisfaction 
• Image 
• Productivity 
• Innovation

We’d love for you to experience our award-winning leadership workshops in a city near you.  We also invite you to join us for our monthly webinars. To learn more, visit zengerfolkman.com/events.


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