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Business is moving increasingly faster and to keep up, leaders at all levels need to know how to pick up the pace. Easy to say.... But is there truly a correlation between speed and leadership effectiveness?

In a word, yes!

We don’t need to do everything faster, but for many activities speed can significantly improve effectiveness and the motivation of individuals. It’s interesting how often our pace affects our attitude. Let’s face it – slow is often boring. Think about people you have worked with who had a tendency to move quickly and keep things going at a fast clip, versus those who were more ponderous as they ensured everything was completed and finished. Yes, too much speed can leave participants feeling rushed and frazzled. But if your company’s energy is lagging, maybe it’s time to consider upping the pace.

Join us to learn the eight skills possessed by leaders who are perceived as “fast” and “highly effective.”

Complimentary Pace Assessment: This self-assessment will measure the pace at which you prefer to work, and the results will compare your speed to others. The assessment will measure situations such as: 

• Are you more concerned about making mistakes or moving too slowly? 
• Do you tend to make decisions quickly or consider multiple alternatives? 
• Do you assume when starting a project that it will finish on time or be late?

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