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May 20, 2015  

In this presentation, Joe will share new research and give actionable steps you can take as a leader to keep the employees in your organization engaged and satisfied with their jobs – none of which involve money.

Years ago when employees became dissatisfied with their organization they would quit and get another job. Today, with placement opportunities low and unemployment high, very few people opt to quit and leave. Something much worse is happening —employees “quit,” but they stay.

In the last year, overall job satisfaction in the U.S. has declined significantly. Employees feel stuck in their current jobs and their dissatisfaction with the organizations they work for has increased.

However, not all organizations are experiencing these dismal results. A recent assessment of employee engagement by one of our clients showed a significant improvement over past years, though this company was not immune to the effects of the recession. Examination of the data showed 7 factors that created this positive increase in their satisfaction and commitment, even during the economy’s poorest times.

Please join us to learn 7 ways to increase employee engagement without giving a raise!

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