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Ask 100 people if they have good common sense and more than 95% will tell you they do. Similarly, if you ask 100 managers if they are good coaches the number may be lower, than 95%, but not by much. The managers we talk to assume that if they are a good manager, being a good coach is like your shadow on a sunny day. It just naturally follows.

Today, more and more top executives expect their managers to coach their subordinates. One newly appointed CEO of one of the nation’s largest banks announced that he expected managers in that company to spend more than one-half of their time coaching subordinates.

Why? The empirical evidence is clear. Effective coaching makes a difference in employee commitment and engagement, productivity, retention, customer relationships, and how the upper levels of leadership are perceived.

Please join Jack and Joe to learn how to become a better coach. You are also invited to participate in our Coaching Attributes and Perspectives Assessment at no cost. This self assessment will help you see how you compare to the scores of outstanding business coaches. It will measure:

  • how strong your collaboration and directive skills are
  • how prone you are to giving advice
  • how effective you are at enabling other people to discover answers for themselves
  • how apt you are to exert your expertise and treat everyone as equals

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