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50 years ago, management theorists had an expansive view of the role of general managers. Management skills were believed to be infinitely portable and the General Manager did not need to possess a deep understanding of the technology of the business to be considered effective.

Does that still hold true? Can a leader with low levels of technical or financial acumen in a particular business be successful today? 

To answer that question we looked at a dataset of over 57,000 leaders and measured their technical and financial acumen.The results? Join us to learn:
  • How they were perceived as leaders in general
  • The impact of acumen on top managers
  • Why senior leaders in an organization need technical depth and knowledge to be effective

“Business acumen won’t automatically make you, or anyone else, a great business leader; but without it you will never become one.”— Kevin Cope, Founder and CEO of Acumen LearningDownload the Handout Slides for "Importance of Building Technical and Financial Acumen"

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