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December 2, 2015  

Our research with thousands of leaders confirms that The Single Most Powerful Leadership Competency is INSPIRING AND MOTIVATING OTHERS! 

 Say the words 'Great Leader' and what comes into your mind? It's probably hard to describe, but with most great leaders you "know it when you see it." So, does this mean that great leadership is simply something people are born with or is it something that can be learned? 
After conducting thousands of surveys with leaders across many different industries, we've identified the most important attribute of any great leader—that of inspiring and motivating others. We believe that if developed, this key competency, more than any other, will help leaders and managers become more effective and drive great business results. 
In this episode, we'll explain the research that led to our conclusions about this extremely important competency, along with practical steps for every leader to become more inspiring. After all, we believe that every leader can learn to inspire others and drive real, positive business outcomes.
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