Zenger Folkman Leadership Podcast Get answers to today’s toughest leadership and development problems from thought leaders Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman!

As we are in the midst of cold and flu season Zenger Folkman has made a startling discovery, “Leadership is as contagious as the flu!” 

Join Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joe Folkman as they present their latest research documenting how a leaders' effectiveness impacts multiple levels of the organization. Discover why it is so important that leaders at all levels— especially top executives—pursue the ongoing practice of personal development. 
You’ll learn:

  • Leadership contagion—the trickle down impact that leadership behavior has on several levels below
  • How leadership skills directly impact key business outcomes negatively and positively
  • The effect leadership has on customer satisfaction, turnover, sales, revenue, and profitability
  • The 4 elements for a world class executive development process

Jack and Joe will also share the challenge they took on to create a learning and development experience for executives that would significantly increase the probability of change and improvement. 

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